Thanks Coding Optional

Coding Optional’s step-by-step WordPress training teaches you how to create a quality WordPress website for your business without needing to have any coding experience.  At Coding Optional, We have made it as simple as possible for you to get a great looking website up and running, fast.

Tomorrow’s the big day!



WordCamp North Canton is tomorrow campers! The Friday Marketing Bootcamp sessions start at Noon! Registration starts at 11:30a! Come get registered… get your swag and get ready for some great presentations!

If you’re also coming on Saturday, make sure not to forget  your name tag, bring your swag if you want. But don’t forget your name tag, it’s how we know you’ve already registered.

Registration for Saturday starts at 8a. If you came on Friday, there’s no need to re-register, just come on in and grab some breakfast!

It’s going to be a fun couple of days… see you all real soon!

Welcome branditarians!


Do you smell that campers? That’s is the sweet smell of breakfast at WordCamp North Canton. We’re excited to welcome branditarians to WordCamp North Canton as our official breakfast sponsor! Thanks branditarians for squashing the grumbellies of our WordCampers.

Welcome ServerPress


Welcome ServerPress to the incredible list of sponsors for WordCamp North Canton. Now, with ServerPress you can test, design, and develop all your web projects at full throttle; even without an Internet connection. Copy and share websites between workstations or in workgroups just as easily as you would with an Excel file on a thumb drive.

1 Month Away!

Attention WordCampers! WordCamp North Canton is one month away. No… it’s no late April Fools joke… we’re that close. The planning committee has been busy continuing to put things in order… but, enter Mother Nature!

Oh this winter has got to go and take all of the sickness-funk away with it! This organizer for one is sick, sick, sick of it!

This last (hopefully) bout of winter “bliss” landed me in bed for two and a half days. There is however a silver lining. Great friends and great food to the rescue. Yesterday I got a delivery from Ermanno’s Legendary Pizza courtesy of a past attendee and friend of WCNC, Vicki Stanley.

Needless to say… the pizza, FANTASTIC as usual. But the surprise that came with the pizza was seriously delicious and came with a message:


And just what could this possibly be? Super-human strength? Consume with great caution?

Wait for it. Wait for it….



Oh so yummy! So… if you want your s’mores… get your tickets to WordCamp North Canton now… who knows what will happen… super-human strength… WCNC… and you? Let’s find out!

P.S. Thanks Alan and Vicki. You’re the best!

Call for Sponsors

Welcome to the WordCamp North Canton Call for Sponsors! If you’d like to sponsor WordCamp North Canton, take a look at our sponsorship levels and submit the form below. We’ll get back in touch with you ASAP! 


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